Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Weekend Birding trip 14th & 15th of May

So this weekend I went down to my Dads a little earlier so I could see him and go up to the Yell Regatta

Friday the 14th

So today my Stepmam, Mairi and I went over to the Asta and Tingwall Lochs in search of a Red-rumped Swallow and a drake Ring-necked  Duck which had been seen there

But after looking for over 20 minutes for both birds we found neither, but instead I got to see my first Starling  fledgling and my first Black-Headed Gull chick of the year

Starling fledgling 

Saturday the 15th

So today we took a quick trip down to the Sooth end hoping to spot any strange/rare birds

A Little Stint at Grutness,
 yet another tick for me this year,
 This bird is the twentieth new tick for me this year

This imparticular individual had a slightly deformed piece at the end of its peak

The Pool of Virkie was quite empty today with the best birds being the Shelducks (we couldn't see any ducklings with them) and some Dunters with their ducklings.

Two sleeping male Stock Deuks or Mallards

While I was heading to the Yell sound ferry at around quarter to six, I spotted 
this Redshank on a fencepost, luckily it sat long 
enough for me to get a few pics before it flew off.

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