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Logan Johnson


  1. Hi Logan
    Very interesting blog, keep up the good work. Nice to hear someone from Mid Yell
    check mine out at

  2. Elena Mera-Long17 April 2013 at 13:54

    Hey Logan, your blog is first class! Fantastic photos and really interesting commentary; please keep it coming and come back to us as soon as you can!

  3. Hi best pal good pics fae da walk keep it going we will go up next year when me hip gets fixed I'll be able to keep up with you Ha!Ha! TT

  4. Hi Logan, like you I'm a young birder (16) and I've got to see that I'm very jealous as you live in Shetland, as if I had only 2 places to live it would either had to be Iceland or Shetland, as it has beautiful landscapes and is always a great place for rarities as I can see in your bird list. I've also set up my own site - if you would like to have a look.

  5. Hi Logan, it was good to meet you on Fair Isle, and thanks again for the Sunday afternoon spent chasing the icterine warbler and the ortalan bunt! I'm still processing my photos at the moment, but will be Blogging about our Shetland trip very soon! So keep an eye on my blog: .. I've just noticed your email address above, so will in box you the line of code you need to iron out any glitches on the mobile version of your Blog. It's a handy piece of code.

    What a great time to be on Shetland for you .. Hope you've got great views and photos of the Black brow!!

    Kind Regards