Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Weekend Birding trip 25th of August: 3 Lifers, 30 Minutes

Sunday the 25th of August

At around 10.30 ish, my Dad and I headed out to Girlsta to his Dads house to do some work, I went inside his house and spoke to Paula.

Just after 11, Paula got a message saying that there was a Short-toed Lark at Sumburgh Farm, We got our cameras and various other bits of equipment and then we set off to Sumburgh only ten minutes later.

When we arrived at Sumburgh Farm Paula dropped me off while she went and parked the car.

I went and spoke to Roger Riddington, who he told me that the Short-toed Lark was in a field next to the Sumburgh Hotel, so I started walking over that way when I met Paul Harvey who told me about a Wood Warbler and two Icterine Warblers were right around the corner! (both of these would be new birds for me).

As soon as we arrived around the corner I spotted a small warbler hopping about on an old building, Paul had a quick look through his bins and told me that was the Wood Warbler! and then about a minute later we spotted the Icterine Warblers.

My first Wood Warbler, a patch tick for several people that day

 My first Icterine Warbler one of two birds, sometimes they are called "Ickys"

A female Pied Flycatcher

(The Pied Fly, Wood and Icterine Warblers were all new birds for Paula)

An Icky

I found the plant "Redshank" just before we left Sumburgh Farm

We left Sumburgh Farm and started heading up to Sumburgh Head to look for a Greenish Warbler when we met four birders who were trying to get into Fair Isle but were stranded by the mist, they told us that there was a Marsh Harrier and Barred Warbler at Quendale Mill so instead we thanked them and headed there.
(I hadn't seen a Barred Warb before and I'd seen a Greenish on Fair Isle in 2011)

A Marsh Harrier which caused several hundred Herring Gulls and Stirlings to fly off in distress

After we'd spent several minutes at Quendale, Paul and Roger happened to arrive and we quickly had a look around Quendale with them before we had to go back up north.

A Wryneck also at the Quendale Mill

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