Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hills 'n' Hares

Sunday the 24th of November 2013

This morning I headed out to Girlsta with my Dad to do a few jobs on the croft.

In Girlsta we checked the sheep and fed them too.

He doesn't look very happy even though he has two females

Later we headed out onto the hill to put out a few feeding blocks for the sheep and we found this Mountain Hare

Not exactly the best coat to have when there's no snow

But it tries to make it work.

On the top of the hill I got a few pictures of Girlsta and a few other places.


 Panoramic view from the top of the hill

It was very cold and icy so we headed back to the house to warm up.

(There is still a few blog posts from past dates that aren't finished but they soon will be)

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