Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happy Blogging! one year anniversary!

Well this isn't my usual kind of blog post, a) there is usual something about wildlife and b) its about an anniversary.
So today is a whole year since I started blogging, it was Girlsta, sunny day and I'd been planning to do it for a few weeks but never got it going so myself and Paula took a few photos round Girlsta and then we started up Blogger, getting me going and doing my first blog post.
I first had the idea when I was wanting to be able to keep a record of everything I saw when out birding.
So when I went into Fair Isle on Friday the 22nd and Tommy was able to give me a kind of run through on how everything works and that got me a bit farther ahead and I just did it from there.

Today I am going into Fair Isle till Monday since it's the long weekend and I'd like to be back on the Island, so hopefully I'll not miss anything while I'm away.

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