Sunday, 29 March 2015

Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

Everyone would of known about the Solar Eclipse last week on Friday the 20th.
Well the Mid Yell Junior High School had a visitor from the National Schools Observatory, one of the men from there had come up to try and photograph the Eclipse since our science teacher was the most northerly member in the UK.

I took my camera in with the off chance of managing a photo or two of the Eclipse (it'll be the last "good" one until 2026 so I'd have a while to wait).

On arrival at the school, solar viewers were going around and the Eclipse could be partially seen at time, I tired holding the camera in front of the view to take a photo and it worked! so I managed a few photos from that and also later on when it virtually covered the whole sun.

 First attempt at Solar Eclipse Photography, achieved

Slightly better

97% covered at about 0947. We were able to photograph without the viewers

More dulled photo

Soon though it ended, the clouds covered it and that was that, later on in the day the man from the National School's Observatory requested if he'd be able to use my photos on their website, I was pretty happy at that so I agreed as long as credit was given.
But that was the end of a truly marvellous Solar Eclipse and I can't wait till 2026 to see the next one!