Thursday, 14 March 2013

It's a Winter Wonderland, in March?

After all the cold weather we've had, it Finally snows but in spring ? what next to come a Tsunami? a Hurricane? and maybe a few rare birds or two, well we'll just have to wait.

This Morning (the 13th) before school I decided to take a few photos before the snow melted, hoping to get a good picture of a bird or two in the cold weather.

This reads "Its a winter wonderland"

This is our most common garden visitor "Black Sheep"
happily eating all my bird seed!
Mid Yell

Rabbit Prints
A "Cold" Craw
A very blurry Snipe, I find that its the hardest bird to photograph
because they blend so well into their surroundings
The Sun
Muckle Vandra Water

Mid Yell

On the 11th I went around the shoreline at Mid Yell searching for anything bird or carcass that I could find .

Rock Pipit
and a Ringed Plover
Birds seen over the past two days:
3 Herring Gulls
2 Snipe (or Snippeck)
3 Oystercatchers (or Shallders)
3 Turnstones also known as Steynpickers
because they can flip over stones to look for Insects
Hooded Craw
and 12 Ringed Plovers

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