Sunday, 10 March 2013

Springs on its way

All though it doesn't seem like it spring is coming, the birds are sing and the flowers are coming into bloom, sadly the weather is still bitter.
But sooner or later lots of birds will be returning to Shetland, all though there might be that one special visitor.

 Yellow Crocuses

A Purple Crocus
Snow Drops

This Male Blackbird happily posed for me many times letting me get
some excellent shots with my Finepix S camera, at Ladysmith Rd, Scalloway.

He is very tame because he is fed in a garden nearby where
Blue Tits, Great Tits and a Great Spotted Woodpecker has been seen.


A Sparrow giving the "Bums" up.
And best so far is this Grey Wagtail (a new one to my Shetland list!),
which popped out of no where from under the bridge below the Weisdale Kirk,
A beautiful Bright yellow breasted bird with an unforgettable call.
A truly great bird to find when going to look for Shetland Hazelnuts
(that trip was not very successfully)

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  1. Grey Wagtail! it's a first of the year for Shetland