Saturday, 18 May 2013

Whalsay day & other birding

Since not many birds have not been reported in Lerwick recently I decided to go find some

Male Pied Flycatcher at Helendale
 along with three Willow Warblers and two Woodpigeons

A Pinkbell

A Bluebell

(a type of Daffodil)

In hope of seeing the Whalsay Collard Flycatcher which was spotted last week on Friday, my Stepmam and I hopped on the ferry an headed to Whalsay hoping for it to still be there.
 If the Collard Flycatcher had first been seen on the 11th of May it would of been exactly 66 years since 
the first Collard Flycatcher for Britain appeared at Skaw on Whalsay exactly in the same place as this bird!.

 The Linga ferry

 Female Common Redstart

"Whatcha looking at
there's no Blackcap here!"

And at Skaw we spotted a Chiffchaff and my first Common Whitethroat,
sadly it was quite wary of me and kept flying away!

Today I would like to thank all the people who pointed me in the right direction for finding these birds, I didn't see the Collard Flycatcher but I still had a good time and saw a new tick so a great day.


  1. Wendy Griffiths18 May 2013 at 13:25

    This is fantastic Logan - so much better than sitting in front of a computer every day.. You seem like a fine young man.

  2. Really enjoy your Blog Logan. Your ambition to learn aboot birds and other Shetland wildlife just shines through. Good on you!!

  3. Can't wait till you get to Fair Isle!